Corporate Social Responsibility
Cavendish Construction take a responsible attitude to ethical and equal opportunities within the workplace and promotes diversity within our staff, the workplace and throughout local communities. When it comes to contractors, we try to supplement our workforce with local trades' operatives in the hope to generate jobs and stimulate local economies where possible.

Cavendish Construction also supports local apprenticeship schemes to attract new talent into the industry. We can see the mutual benefit and potential in young, enthusiastic juniors who want a more hands-on approach to learning. As such, we offer approximately six apprenticeships across the workplace every year, as well as work experience opportunities for local students. Many ogf our previous apprentices have gone on to develop their careers with Cavendish Construction and are valued team members.

We regularly participate in community programmes in conjunction with our Partnering Contractors such as Lakehouse and, and have over the last 2 years, installed 6 new kitchens in community centres in Harrow, assisted with the painting of new murals in Camden....



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