Responsibility within our environment and our community is increasingly growing and as a construction company Cavendish Construction are always mindful of sustainable practices – an attitude that is a pre-requisite amongst contracted staff.

The Cavendish Construction approach to sustainability is driven from within the heart of the company. As an organization that is committed to providing sustainable solutions to our clients, we hope this awareness will encourage a healthier living environment for the future.

Cavendish Construction ensures that relevant legislation for environmental protection is implemented at all times. Where other legislation is relevant to the activity being undertaken, Cavendish will apply the highest standards to protect and enhance both property and the environment.

We aim to minimise the impact on the environment by the efficient use of energy, reducing levels of waste materials and the implementation of an appropriate policy for the purchasing of products and materials. We will always take the necessary steps to fulfill legal obligations covering environmental management, including the relevant duties of care.

We seek to source materials and services locally, helping to eliminate excessive transportation impacts whilst supporting local businesses.



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